115949_groupr6_preI’m not going to lie to you, I loved V, but I also had some PTSD watching this.  I had these horrible flashbacks of a much beloved show that was lost too soon…..INVASION.  Full disclosure…Liz and I will be probably be scarred for life at the loss of invasion and it will always be at the back of my mind when watching alien TV shows.  My fears are not helped any by the fact that ABC is running four episodes this month and then none until MARCH!!!  This scares me and makes me hesitant to love this show, but I guess I have to just toughen up and hope ABC doesn’t break my heart again. invasion28

So, back to V.  As stated above I loved the first episode.  We got to meet everyone tonight and the show did a great job of introducing everyone clearly.  I didn’t know I missed Scott Wolf until I saw him playing Chad Decker the pretty boy reporter tonight.  Scott learned a hard lesson when he decided to not be a tough journalist with the aliens from the start, they are now using him as there PR man to promote how good they are (when we all know they are evil, and which the show clearly shows us in the first episode!).

Morris Chestnut is Ryan Nichols.  I’m not clear on what Ryan’s job is in this show, he walks around in suits with a briefcase, lucky for us Morris Chestnut looks hot in a suit.  Anyway, turns out he is not only super professional he is also an alien who has turned on his kind and is going to help the humans fight back against the V’s.

Elizabeth Mitchell from Lost plays Erica Evans, our FBI agent who works in counterterrorism.  She discovers the truth about V when she infiltrates what she thinks is a sleeper cell meeting.  Turns out V is the sleeper cell and the meeting she is at is the resistance.  When the meeting gets attacked and everyone gets killed, Erica is the one who takes over the resistance movment.  The real twist in her story is that her son doesn’t see the bad in the aliens and seems to be falling for an alien girl.

Joel Gretsch as Father Jack Landry rounds out the founding group as one of the first doubters of the alien.  When the vatican promotes them as God’s children, Father Jack questions this and ends up at the resistance meeting as well.  He manages to survive and seems to be ready to team up with Erica to lead the resistance.

Favorite casting so far is Alan Tudyk as Dale Maddox.  He is Erica’s partner and I’m guessing boyfriend by they way they talk to each other.  He ends up being an alien and ***apparently*** killed by Erica.  I personally hope he is back for me because I love him.

I am excited to see more of this show not only because it filled a huge gap in my Tuesday night TV, but also because I was totally enthralled from beginning to end.


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I am the co-creator of S and E Pop Culture. I currently live and work in Knoxville, TN. I love all things TV and Movies and love to discuss them with anyone who wants to talk! Check out the blog sepopculture.wordpress.com and let me know what you think.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Bring back Invasion, Bring back Invasion! I cannot believe ABC cut this show! They could have at least given us a three day movie to tie up lose ends! As for V I wish the show good luck seeing how it comes back in 2010!

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