*Aug 28 - 00:05*Jax may have let the cat out of the bag, or at least a clue as to what is in that bag.  After Clay announces he is shutting down the porn studio Jax confronts him in front of Bobby and Tig.  Clay calls him out again for getting LouAnne killed.  Jax then asks him if he is really calling him out for killing someone’s wife.  Clay asks if he remembers that promise to kill him the next time he brought up Donna.  Jax puts his gun down, turns his back, and tells him to go ahead and kill him.  Clay doesn’t do it.  Outside Bobby asks Jax to tell him what is going on.  Jax says he can’t but Bobby knows something is up.  He gets real worried when Tig comes out and asks Jax to go with Opie on a run to scare a judge.  He tells Jax that if Opie has to crossover (killing the judge or his son) he won’t ever come back.  Then Tig tells him “we both know what this is about”  this really peaks Bobby’s interest so he asks Jax to come along.

Tig has been relegated to gun tester and wants in on the judge scaring.  (They are scaring the judge so he will clear up an INS case and open up a gun run).  Tig gets done with his gun testing and shows up to scare the judge.  Opie takes the lead and they are trying to use the judges son as emotional leverage.  When the judge doesn’t care if they kill his son, Opie has to push it by shooting his toe and then putting the gun in his mouth.  Opie breaks down before he kills the son, Jax has him go outside and tells Tig to take over, but Tig is in the corner crying and can’t carry through either.  Bobby finds some leverage and they manage to get what they want and get out, but it is clear that momentum has shifted.  I’m beginning to wonder if Tig is even on Clay’s side anymore.

Zobell is still manipulating by feeding leads to the police about Darby.  This turns on him when Hale doesn’t follow one of the leads and gives it to SAMCRO instead.  He knows the only way to turn the tide is to have SAMCRO look like the hero in the town.  SAMCRO follows through and tells Darby that Zobell sold him out.  Darby goes to confront Zobell and Zobell sends him on a mission with the other Aryans.  They go to burn down the porn studio.  The guy with two fingers is inside and it is not clear if he gets out or not, but it would appear Darby is dead.  Before lighting the building the Aryans beat him down and appar to leave him.  When Jax shows up to see the porn studio burnt down, he thinks it is Clay and tells Happy to notify of a change because he is going to become a NOMAD. 

I’m not sure how easy it is to just switch, but i’m guessing Clay won’t let him go without a fight, and that Bobby and Piney will want him to stay.

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