We see Jonah on his date drinks with Kendra.  Oh, and did I mention he kissed her and then said he was engaged like a crazy person!  Ella is onto Lauren having a secret, but she can’t quite put her finger on it.  I then almost lose my dinner, when Auggie feeds Violet a piece of food.

We then switch to our friend David getting hot and heavy with some girl who wants to get high, when Detective Rodrigez shows up with loopholes in he and Ella’s alibi.  We then flashback to how David and Sydney first met. 

Jonah’s assistant Travis calls in because he broke his wrist playing the wii.  Riley desperately offers to help.  We then see the owner of Marcello’s  played by Rick Fox.  What a cutie!  Ella tries to get Lauren to be unethical for her drug overdosed client!  Lauren will do anything for money and we all know that.  We then see David updating Ella on the detective visit and get another flashback of David and Sydney.  David then confesses he doesn’t know if he could have killed Sydney or not.

We then see Ella being nosey in Lauren’s room and finds a stack of money, sey lingerie and expensive clothes.  She then precedes to call Lauren “Pretty Woman.”  Lauren denies it, but Ella doesn’t belive her.  She then says if Lauren changes her clients medical records her company will pay he r$50,000.  What will Lauren do?  Then poor David has another flashback and then we see him digging for something, but it’s gone.  Oh, No!  When can we move on from Syd and get into the new character storylines?  Maybe Heather L. coming back will help with this.  I am starting to feel like the new Melrose is riding the coattails of the original storyline.

Riley goes to see Auggie to stop being friends in order to prove to Jonah that she is committed to only him.  I would chose Auggie over Jonah.  Bros before Ho’s Riley.  If Auggie is your friend you shouldn’t have to stop hanging out for your bf, fiance or whatever.  You also shouldn’t kiss your guy friends!

Lauren stands her ground with her “doctor ethics” and Ella has her back.  She also gets a conscience and gives the press her clients real story in order to “save his life/ career.”  Auggie then loses his mind on Marcello when he says some inappropriate things about Riley.  This makes Auggie even more interesting because he completely loses it.  I hope Sunshine is wrong about the show getting rid of this character.  They could do so much more with him. 

Violet goes to take Auggie his “knives” and he talks about losing control. Then they get it on!  Back to Detective Rodrigez he has a knife turned in that is consistent with Sydney’s wounds.  This is not giving more details.  Who killed Sydney! Violet, David, Auggie, Ella’s private detective?

To top things off I am left confused wondering if Jonah and Riley are going to call everything off!  Ella and Lauren make up and Ella keeps the door open for Lauren to talk about what is going on.


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