Poor, poor Charlie.  Hiro comes back in time to save her from Sylar.  Sam interferes and tells him he has to think about messing with the time space continium.  Hiro addresses this by allowing Sylar to continue on his path of killing and by telling him past self what he needs to do.  This works until he realizes Charlie still has that brain lesion and its going to kill her sooner rather than later.  He goes back to get Sylar, convinces him to take the lesion out of Charlies brain, and then tells him he will die alone and that the other Heroes will kill him.  Then he sets Sylar loose on the world.  Charlie is not happy with this.  She had accepted her death and did not think it was very “hero” like for Hiro to allow Sylar to kill.  While Hiro is thinking about this Charlie appears to him and lures him outside, he follows her but she is not there, it is just carnival Sam.  Sam tells him that Charlie is gone.  Hiro goes all aggressive (a nice turn for Hiro) and attacks Sam carrying him through time to the carnival.  Once there he sees blood and Charlies name tag on the ground.  He follows it and finds the carnivals original time traveler dead.  Sam tells Hiro that he had the time traveler take Charlie and trap her in time and it killed him.  Hiro is understandably upset but seems prepared to hang around the carnival to find Charlie….not really the best idea but I guess we will see how it goes.

While we are three years in the past we see Noah when he was still with the company.  If you didn’t think he was skeezy before you probably do now as we see him have an affair with his partner.  His partner then has her brain wiped by the Haitian so she won’t remember what happened. 

It was fun to see everyone back in the past again and really fun to remember how close they all were to each other at one point instead of all these fragmented story lines that we get now.


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