I love The Office Halloween’s.  They always get me.  This episode was not all about Halloween, in fact we only saw it in the cold open, but it was still great.  Michael turned the wearhouse into a haunted house and was dressed as a dick in a box guy.  Great stuff and everyone was dressed in great costumes, even Jim who wrote book on his face (FACEBOOK, LOL!).

The episode itself revolved around Michael falling into a Koi pond at a sales meeting and everyone making fun of him.  Michael of course does not like this and tries to order them to stop.  Jim advises him to make fun of himself and they will stop.  Michael does but goes to far and hurts his own feelings.  Meredith gets a hold of the security tape of Michael falling.  Jim tries to stop them from playing it, but they do anyway and it shows that Jim could have caught Michael but let him fall instead.  Michael is hurt, but when Jim tells him he did it because he is intimidated having Michael go with him Michael is happy and they seem to be getting closer.

In the side story, Pam and Andy have to go on cold calls because they have the lowest sales.  While out people think they are a couple, at the first call they both deny it, but then realize it could work to their advantage.  The second call goes better but Andy takes it to far and kisses Pam stomach.  He admits he wants a wife and baby, but isn’t dating anyone.  He likes Erin but can’t approach her.  At the end Pam tries to help him out some.

A cute episode, still not to high Office standards, but entertaining.


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