We start off with Claire and Phil trying to get their kids ready for school and Luke is already behind because he did not write a summer journal.  We then go to Jay and Gloria’s house.  Manny asks ” hows my hair” and Jay is focused on why he has on a poncho!  Favorite quote of the night, Jay- There are only two places people wear ponchos.  At Niagara Falls and on Log rides!  Mitchell and Jay go through pictures of Lily’s costume changes!  It was great, tonight she was dressed as Donna Summers.  We then get a montage of Haley driving around her parents.  Back to Mitchell and Cameron, we see Mitchell is dancing with Lily and then bumps her head when lifting her up.  They decide to take Lily to the doctor.  The doctor says there is no mark on her head and Cameron states that her head was protected by a ghetto fabulous afro wig!  He then goes on to rant about raising Lily knowing her Asian heritage( the doctor looks like she is from Asian descent).  The doctor states- I am from Denver!

Phil comes home early to stay with Claire, because she was home alone with the kids off to school  I she was looking for was some quiet time alone and to take a run.  Phil does everything to challenge Clair to race him.  Back to Jay  and Gloria, they are on their way to eat when Gloria finds Manny’s poncho.  She then forces Jay to drop it off at the school to let Manny know that they support him.  Manny asks- who died when he sees his family.  Manny is excited that his pan flute was in the poncho.  Gloria has Jay destroy it, because she doesn’t want him to die a virgin.

Mitchell and Cameron reassure each other that they are good fathers when they leave the doctor’s office.  Then they realize they locked Lily in the car!  Cameron gets a trashcan to break the window, while Mitchell calls on-star to unlock the door. 

Claire and Phil race around the neighborhood.  When Claire slows down to let Phil win, because she realizes that the first day of school is rough on the whole family.  The win is short-lived when he gets hit by Haley in the car with her driving instructor!

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