New Moon Fix for the day!  Did anyone check out the 2009 SCREAM Awards last night?  It was pretty good.  I am glad Taylor Lautner is good at public speaking.


The Twilight Saga: New Moon Pictures – Rotten Tomatoes.


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  1. I am disappoint with this film. My girlfriend made me take her to it and I went with an open mind. The story was terrible, a 3 year old quadriplegic could do better CGI with MS Paint, and the acting was pathetic at best. I can understand how this film could be attractive to a teenage girl without any friends but adults should hang their heads in shame if they liked this flick in any way shape or form. If you want to see a quality vampire film I suggest “Fright Night” I hope, if they make another sequel, it begins and ends with Wesley Snipes rushing in, kicking some “vampire” arse, and saving us from mediocrity and the plague known as “Twilight” – Sarah

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