sons-anarchy01The club is falling apart and at this point I don’t think anyone can save them. Bobby is going to try and save the group though.  He assigns Opie to talk to Jax and Tig to talk to Clay and try and work this out.

The Chinese are looking for some guns so Clay and Tig go to the Irish to get them.  However, the son of the Irish leader is sleeping with Polly Zobell and they have already promised them to the Aryans.  So the Irish won’t give up the guns.  Clay has Half Sack follow Weston to the gun delivery.  Clay, Tig, Happy, and Half Sack end up confronting Weston alone.  Clay has the worst luck when it comes to these confrontations.  Right when he rides up on Weston the rest of the Aryans show up and they get in a gun fight and barely escape.  During the gun fight Clay tries to grab guns and run, however Tig doesn’t help him only Half-Sack comes to help him out.  Clay has been doubting Tigs ability to do the hard jobs and this seemed to show him that Tig is losing his aggression.

Meanwhile, Jax, Opie, and Bobby are out helping the LouAnne and the porn studio.  Someone robbe the studio and killed the guard dog.  Jax knows it was the rival pron studio so he and the guys go and beat him down and take back the stuff.  The rival studio head warns them that he will get even.  While they are out Jax decides to have the boys drop in on LeRoy.  When they get to the bar they walk right into a group of Mayans. The Mayans have taken over and hold the boys hostage for a while.  While they are being held hostage Clay is calling them to get the guns but of course they can’t answer his call.  The Mayans end up letting them go and lets them know the truce is over.

Chibbs is still in the hospital but is getting better.  The suprise of the night was his wife showing up to check on him.  Even better was when Gemma told Tara she was afraid of there people hr mom, her 3rd grade math teacher, and Chibbs wife.  Chibbs is coming out of critical but will have to change hospitals.  Gemma doesn’t want that to happen and confronts Tara’s boss about it.  This leads to Tara getting a complaint about creating a hostile work environment.

Gemma plans a dinner for everyone to try and smooth things over.  She and Tara are fighting about the complaint, Lyla shows up and Tara is rude to her so she is upset, and then the gang shows up and things only get worse from there.  Bobby and Tig get in a shoving match about why Bobby and the boys didn’t show up to help with the guns.  Jax tells them they were dealing with the porn studio.  About that time Hale walks in and tells them they have found LouAnn beaten to death on the side of the road.  Clay jumps in Jax’s faces about it and tells him that he caused Otto to not have a wife anymore.  Jax shoves him and tells him he is not the one out killing wives.  Gemma slams a plate on the table to shut everyone up and we end on everyone standing quietly clearly breaking apart.

I don’t know when they will find out about Gemma’s rape, but it may help the group come together.  And it looks like the Donna story is going to come out soon.  Bobby knows that the split has something to do with her but can’t quiet place what the problem is.


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