Heroes was a little slow and boring tonight.  I really think it is Tracy that brings this show down for me, every episode she is in just makes me want to fall asleep.  But anyway, we did learn something tonight!!!  We now know that the compass guides you to the carnival.  We learned this because Noah tried to use Tracy to save the killer/healer boy from jail.  Of course the plan went horribly wrong and the poor boy ended up being dragged down the street tied to a truck.  But Tracy did meet Sam and he gave her the compass to bring the boy to the carnival.  Of course she didn’t do that but it looks like she is going.

Meanwhile, Claire and her roommate are doing a scavenger hunt in a meat packing plant.  They are being attacked by invisible forces (that would the invisible leader of the sorority).  It all ends with Claire impaled on a metal post, sorority girl reveling her power to the pledges, and Claire trying to figure out how to explain that she can heal so quickly.  Same old same old for Claire.

Parkman thinks drinking will rid him of Sylar’s memories.  Unfortunately when he blacks out from drinking Sylar over takes his body and know Parkman is the invisible memory man.  Interesting, but no an unexpected turn of events. 

Overall not a great episode, what did everyone else think?


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