8500662FINALLY!!!  Casey and Cappie are together.  Granted our next episode is the season finale and we will have little time to enjoy this hook-up but I am happy none the less.  Here is hoping some strange plot twist doesn’t break them up next week (though it would appear something might).

Casey, Rachel, Evan, Cappie, Rusty, and Dale are stuck on campus for Thanksgiving.  Casey and Rachel are alone in the house and decide to have a Thanksgiving dinner for everyone left on campus.  The dinner goes well, except that Evan tries to make a move on Casey.  She lets him know she is not interested.  They get invited to the KT house for dinner so all three go over and that’s when Cappie makes his move.  He walks Casey home and lets her know he wants to be with her.

Rusty is working on his project and competing with Dale for a $40,000 grant.  Dale is not happy about this and gets even unhappier when Rusty is making progress and his project bursts into flames.  Rusty catches him reading his notes and gets upset with him.  Rusty makes his project work and when he turns to Dale to tell him the great news Dale is listnening to music and doesn’t react.

Rusty and Cappie also have a heart to heart about whether or not the “friend” who told Cappie to not go after Casey is truly a frient.  Cappie is starting to doubt his friendship with Evan.  This should make for some interesting twists in the season finale.

But seriously, all that matters here is that Casey and Cappie kissed!!!


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