Hallelujah Jim and Pam are back!  There was a marked improvment over last week with them back.  Still not a hillarious episdoe but still pretty good.  Michael told Jim he was dating Pam’s mom.  Jim begged him not to tell Pam, but of course being Michael he did anyway.  Pam did not react well to the news and demanded that Michael stop dating her mom.  Michael refused and Pam is not talking to him anymore.  Michael acts like this doesn’t bother him but it clearly does.   Interstingly enough, most of the office sided with Michael on this and feel like Pam is over reacting.

In the B story Dwight gave Jim a wooden mallard with a listening device in it.  Jim of course figures it out and uses it to torment Dwight.  I felt like it coud have went a little further, but we got too busy with the Pam/Michael story line.  At the end though, we find out that Dwight used the Mallard as a decoy and had planted a real recording device in the office.  It will be interesting to see where this story line goes.

Good episode, much better than last week.

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