Tonight we got to hear Bust a Move, The Thong Song, I Could Have Danced All Night, and Sweet Caroline.  Videos are below for what I could find.

So first I just need to say that if there was an entire show based around Matthew Morrison (who plays Will Schuster) dancing and singing I would be there every night.  We got to see him do this a couple times and it was great everytime.  But enough of my hot guy dreams, let me get to the story.

First of all, lets just put it out there, Puck and Rachel!!  I kind of liked it, though it was a short lived romance.  Puck goes after Rachel because his mom wants him to date a Jew and he dreams about dating Rachel so goes after her.  They make out and he even serenades her, but it ends when Rachel lets him know she can’t let go of Finn and that she knows he loves Quinn.  Puck lets her know Quinn and Finn will never break up “as long as she’s got that baby in her belly”.  Which may be true, but during Puck’s serenade we see Finn looking very jealous and Quinn looking very much in love with Puck.

On the Finn and Quinn front they find themselves unpopular and get slushi’s thrown in their faces.  They want their popularity back and are willing to try anything.  Finn even chooses football over Glee to save his popularity.  But, Will convinces Finn that football is not his destiny and Finn ends up coming back.  And poor Quinn gets kicked out of the Cheerio’s, it is extremely weird to see her without her cheerleading outfit on.

Meanwhile, Will has agreed to work on a mashup of I Could Have Danced All Night (Emma’s wedding song) and the Thong Song (Coach Ken’s wedding song) as his wedding gift.  He also agrees to give them both dance lessons.  However, as you will see in the video below, when he gives Emma dance lessons there is clearly a connection.  Also, Ken sees them dancing and knows he can’t win.  He schedules a football practice against glee to force his players to choose, but ends up backing off in the end.  Will tries to set distance between himself and Emma, but Emma is quickly realizing she can’t marry Coach Ken.

A great, great episode, and one completely without Will’s wife whom I did not miss one bit.  In fact if we could eliminate her and get Will and Emma together it would be a perfect show.  


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