The boys are in jail and Agent Stahl is back in town.  Maybe its just me but it looks like it was just yesterday that Agent Stahl had her face smashed into that table, she is not looking good.  Anyway, she is back in town because ATF has pictures of the Irish meeting with the League of Aryan Nationalist (LOAN).  She can’t go after Zobell because he is under investigation by a different agency.  Stahl is hoping this her chance at SAMCRO because she knows they work with the Irish.  Hale tells her that Jax tried to prevent all this from happening but couldn’t do it fast enough.  He also insinuates to Stahl that Jax knows who killed Donna.

Meanwhile, back in jail the boys are not safe.  The Aryan nation is out to get them.  The black gangs are willing to help but they have to help them gain access to a prisoner in protective custody and take out a tranny on the outside.  They agree to use Juice as bait to get the guy in protective custody and Opie is in charge of the hit on the tranny.  Jax sets up the deal for Juice to meet the prisoner in the infirmary.  Juice goes and meets him and sets him up for the black gang.  On the outside Opie taps Trummell to help arrest the tranny.  He gets Lyla the porn star to get him some dope to plant in the trannys car.  He goes and plants the dope, but when Trummell pulls the car over the tranny shoots him. 

Gemma and Tara are trying to come up with bail.  It’s going to take 300 k to get them all out of jail.  Gemma goes to Oswald (the club killed the clown that raped his daughter in the first season) to see if he will help them out.  He says he can’t do it, but his daughter likes Gemma and she convinces her dad to help.  Bail is made, but not before Juice gets shanked or Agent Stahl gets to the prison.  Stahl pulls Clay in for questioning and shows him the picture of the Irish.  Clay doesn’t react so Stahl tells him she should have gone with the real leader anyway and will just talk to Jax.  He tells her that she will get the same story and she asks him if he is sure, since Jax knows he killed Donna and has told Hale.  Clay gets back to the cell and he and Jax get in a major fight because Clay now knows that Hale knows.  Bobby lets them fight it out.  Stahl pulls Jax in for questioning and promises him she can get him out safe and maybe even save Otto.  She shows Jax the picture of the Irish.  Jax doesn’t take the bait either and asks her if she has heard from agent Cohen (the agent Jax and Tara killed last season) because it isn’t safe for agents.  Stahl does not react well and lets Jax go letting him know that bail has been made.

When they get home from Jail all the brothers go one way, and Jax goes off alone on his own.  A very telling sign of things yet to come.


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