We start out with Riley having an anxiety attack about being a model for a jean add while Jonah has a huge meeting with Paramount.  Auggie is outside checking out the sparrows and he that he and Riley had been admiring when Violet comes outside to break things up.  In true form Violet gives Riley some less than encouraging words and then asks Auggie to help her with a “couch.”  We then see David try to make Lauren feel better about missing payments for school.  The girl owes $20,000!  He offers to pay it and she says no!  David was going to use his “trust fund” to pay her debt and tells her to sleep on it.  She mine as well sleep with him and call it even, but then what would Wendy say?

Jo Reynolds aka Jo is the photographer at Riley’s shoot and they bond, so Riley thinks.  Jo tells Ella that Riley is not ready and that she needs sexy! Fav quote, ” keep the jeans and lose the to”- Jo Reynolds.  I love that at some point the entire original cast will be on this show!  Meanwhile during Jonah’s meeting they like his movie, but want to change the whole premise.  Little does he know that his sweet fiance is getting convinced by Ella to take her clothes off! 

Who knew that young females had such power?  I did, things are looking up for Jonah when the news that his script as he has written it may turn into a feature film from a sexy young movie executive!

Lauren continues to get close to David’s secret.  Are you this nosey with your neighbors.  I say take the money and top asking questions.  If Lauren is trying to figure out David for his father she is not to bright for a future doctore.  Eventually Michael Mancini uses everyone!

Riley storms off of the set after taking some pictures with her top off because Jo pushes her to far.  If someone making you think about your life choices is pushing to hard I think Riley needs to toughen up!  She goes home upset only to be comforted by none other than Auggie, who ditches Violet who hitched a ride home with him.  Poor Violet, no matter how hard she tries she is still second fiddle.  Meanwhile, I think Jonah has found a new love intrest or maybe he is a good guy?

Wait, I am talking about Jonah.  He ditches the movie scene to go home to Riley only to be informed by Violet that Auggie had been with Riley.  Joah then goes to confront Auggie about how close he is with Riley and then Auggie spills the beans about the kiss!  He rushes home to Riley to have “the talk” which turns into an argument about being honest, which Riley knows nothing about.

Back to Lauren and David they argue about bending the rules to survive and David trys to put some light on his daddy issues.  I wish Lauren would get off her high horse!  She puts down the money he was going to give her and worries about Lauren telling the police.  She says she will not tell if he promises not to steal.  Lucky for David Lauren’s pimp needs her!

In the end we see Auggie helping Violet put togethr her new bed.  Jonah goes for a walk and Riley goes outside to see that the sparrows nest has fallen.  Jo at the same time is in the courtyard and tells Riley of how she used to live there and all of her memories. She also informs Riley that her shots worked and she is officially the face of the denim line.  We close with Jonah actually out to meet the woman from the studio! She make them good boys go bad!


About Elizabeth

I am the co-creator of S and E Pop Culture. I currently live and work in East Tennessee. I love to watch, talk and write about all things popculture. Check out the blog sepopculture.wordpress.com and let me know what you think.

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