Hiro is still alive, yay!  We hear again that he has a brain tumor, but Peter has an idea to get a healer to fix him.  He goes to Noah to get him to help find one.  Noah takes him to a healer in Georgia that he knew when he was with the company.  The company had tracked the boy when he was young and then wiped his memory when they weren’t interested in him.  When they get to the boys house everything is dead including his parents.  We learn that healers can not only give life but also take it away.  The boy thnks he can only kill because he accidnetally killed his parents.  He is holding Noah back with a gun while Noah tries to explain to him he can still heal people.  Peter (who took Hiro’s powers) pops in the room between Noah and the gun.  The gun goes off and Peter freezes time.  However, we learn it was not fast enough as we see the hole in Peters body and the blood frozen coming out the back.  Peter goes down, but luckily Noah convinces the boy he can heal and he saves Peter’s life.  Peter takes his power and hops a plane back to Hiro.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Hiro is trying to convince Emma that her power is a blessing and not something she needs to stop.  He shows her his powers and explains to her that even though he has a brain tumor he will not stop using them because they help people.  He remembers that he left Charlie off his list of people to save and before Peter gets back he travels 3 years back to see Charlie.

Sylar/Gabriel/Nathan is getting back memories but they are all of being Nathan.  Sam cannot figure out why he is not remembering being Sylar.  The knife guy gets jealous of Sylar because he is flirting with tatoo girl and challenges him with his powers.  Sylar uses his powers without knowing it and throws the guy back.  This makes Sam want him to remember even more so he has one of his people take him into the hall of mirrors to give him back his memories.  Sylar sees himself killing his mom and all of the other people but cannot accept that it is him.  Sam invites the cop that is tracking Sylar to the carnival and puts them in the hall of mirrors together.  Sylar uses his electricity power to knock the cop down but cannot kill him.  Knife guy comes in and slices him up for Sylar.  Sylar is joining the carnival but is still not a killer, Sam is pretty sure he can bring that out in him.


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I am the co-creator of S and E Pop Culture. I currently live and work in Knoxville, TN. I love all things TV and Movies and love to discuss them with anyone who wants to talk! Check out the blog sepopculture.wordpress.com and let me know what you think.

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