Olivia Munn was in tonights episode again tonight, or Lady Cappy as Rusty likes to call her.  She is Cappy in female form but Cappy doesn’t seem happy to be with her.  Rusty spends a night with them drinking and “dine and dashing” and instantly feels this is Cappy’s soulmate.  However, when Cappy starts blowing her off, its because he doesn’t like her.  Rusty thinks it is because he loves her too much and tries to get them back together.  Rusty brings her to the strip club where Cappy goes when he is sad about a girl to see him.  Cappy tells Rusty he doesn’t want to be with her.  Rusty asks him why he is at the club then because he only comes when he is sad about a girl.  Then Rusty realizes it is because he is sad about Casey.

Meanwhile, ZBZ is still trying to climb up from #4.  They get Evan to agree to have a mixer with them.  However, when Omega Chi brothers find out they don’t want to party with ZBZ and vote down the idea.  Ashley tries to put together a four pack Omega Pi, but they turn down ZBZ too saying they have a prior engagement.  Ashley goes to Omega Pi and begs them to party with them.  They won’t do it so Ashley agrees to pay their electric bill through the school year if they will party.  They agree and the four pack is on with Omega Chi and Omega Pi.  Ashley has spent all the founders day money on this party and the electric bill.  Omega Pi stays for a while but then embarrasses Ashley and ZBZ by announcing at the party why they came and leaving.  Omega Chi decides to leave too and when Evan tries to stop them the brothers insult ZBZ.  Evan punches one of his brothers and realizes he is going to have to fight hard to earn his respect as president since he gave up his trust fund.

Only two episodes left of Greek and it just keeps getting better!


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