Elena got her confirmation from Stefan that he and Damon are vampires.  Elena is understandably scared and asks Stefan to leave her alone.  He says he will but wants her to give him a chance to explain himself.  It probably doesn’t help that he uses his super speed to try and stop her to leave his house or that he just appeared in her bedroom unanncounced.  But anyway, he is hot so all is forgiven, by me anyway.

Over on Damon’s side he needs his ring back, but Stefan won’t give it to him.  He killed everyone at the graveyard, but amzaingly Vicky is still alive.  He brings her back to the house where he has to hide out until his ring is given back to him.  Vicky is out, so he lets her drink his blood so that she will wake up.  She bounces all over the house and then cries about how lame she is.  He gets tired of it and snaps her neck.  Oh, but she is still not dead, she is a freaking vampire. 

She goes back to Elena’s house to her boyfriend.  He can’t help her and neither can her brother Matt.  Stefan and Elena show up and Stefan knows she is a vampire.  He tells Elena she will have a choice to either drink blood and be a vampire or not drink and die.  Vicky runs out of the house and Stefan leaves to help her.  While he is hunting Vicky he is being hunted by the news reporter.  He used the watch he took and put it togther with other stuff to make an awesome vampire finding compass.  The compass leads him to Stefan and he shoots Stefan with a wooden bullet.  He is going in to stake him when Damon shows up and kills him.  Damon tells Stefan that no one will kill him except for him.  He pulls the bullet out and while he is doing that Vicky feeds on the news reporter so she is now a vampire.  Damon took the compass and the police show up and are looking for it.  Stefan goes back to Elena but she says she cannot be with him knowing what he is. 

A good episode, but I was really wishing Vicky would die, oh well maybe someone will stake her in the next episode.

Here is a little treat for you Paul Wesley fans—Paul Wesley as Troy in Roll Bounce.  Great movie check it out!

roll bounce


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