Daisy was our intern tonight.  She got to come back because Sweets promised he had “cured” her from her in-appropriate social interactions.  She did pretty good tonight, but she is still by far the most annoying character to me.

Our case tonight had to do with an ancient mummy that was found with blood on it.  It took a while for them to figure out who the mummy was but Bones was very excited (quiet possibly the most excited we have ever seen her) about her discovery.  Once they knew who the mummy was they were able to figure out where it came from and that the curator had been killed.  The eventually figured out that her administrator had killed her because the mummy had a giant ruby inside its chest.  A pretty good case but the side story was even better.

Diedrich Bader played Booth’s bosses boss (Andrew) and he was interested in Bones.  Booth says he doesn’t care if they date he just doesn’t want them talking about him.  Bones says that she is sure they won’t be talking about him because they are sexually attracted to each other.  During their first date, Bones brings up that Booth doesn’t like meatloaf with hard boiled egg in it.  Andrew mentions it to Booth and Booth asks Bones why she told that story and she tells him its one of her favorite stories.   Angela tells Bones that Booth wants to be with her but Bones still doesn’t get it.  After they solve the case Bones gets a big party thrown for her by the Egyptian consulate.  She takes Booth as her date and they have a sweet moment away from the party.  Booth asks her why she didn’t bring Andrew and she says she knew he would enjoy it more.  They get really close to each other and are of course interrupted by the staff from the Jeffersonian.  Bones straightens his tie and he brushes her hair back and we close out the episode.  So close again!  I wish they would just put them together already!

TWO NOTES:  No more Bones until November due to baseball, so save this one on your TIVO/DVR and enjoy!

Check out this link http://g4tv.com/videos/42125/Aziz-Ansari-Interview/ a great interview with Aziz Ansari where he talks smack about Bones because it airs against his show Parks and Rec.  It is at the very end but the whole interview is hilarious.


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