This was another hilarious episode.  ABC is getting this one right and hopefully they will stick with it.  The funnest parts happen during the family members individual commentary.  In this episode we get to meet Jay’s ex wife Dede, who is played by the wonderful and hilarious Shelley Long!  It was great to see her in action.  Dede’s first stop is to Mitchell’s house, because he loves his “mommy.”  When he goes to tell Cameron that she is there Cameron says one of the funniest quotes of the night. “The last time she was here the magnets on the refrigerator moved into a penta..” and before he could finish there she was!  It was great.

Meanwhile at Jay’s house, Manny has just returned from a sleepover with “friends.”  He is so happy and talking about what a good time he has had.  He talks about being the first one to go to sleep and we can see that there is a goatee drawn on his face.  Jay gives him advice about getting revenge.  Manny does get his revenge by setting one of the boys bikes on fire!

At Claire and Phil’s house  Haley is trying to get permission to go to a concert with Dylan, which would mean spending the night.  This is insane but she tries her hardiest to get to go. 

Back to Dede.  She has convinced Mitchell to help her come to family dinner on Sunday so that she can ask for forgiveness.  The reason she is unable to become intimate with her new partner is because she feels bad about how she acted at Jay and Gloria’s wedding.  We get to see some wonderful flashbacks of her drunken toast, mocking the Spanish language and knocking over the wedding cake. 

The first stop is to see Claire.  She and Dede do not get along and there is some hilarious banter that goes on between them.  Dede learns of Haley’s situation and tells Claire that Karma sure is something.  This causes Claire to allow Haley to bring her boyfriend Dylan over so that they can get to know him.  The next stop was Jay, Mitchell did this on his own but “this conversation never happened.” Gloria would never forgive Dede and Jay wanted no part of the plan.

At the dinner after a few tense moments Gloria forgives Dede and then Dede loses her mind and goes for Gloria’s throat!  Haley’s boyfriend Dylan gives some insight on what a great loving family it is and how his family isn’t that way and why he loves Haley.  This encourages Phil to ask him to play a song.  He decides to play a song he wrote about Haley called ” In the Moonlight.”  Cameron compliments him on the title.  As he begins to sing his song about “doing it” under the moonlight, this kills any chance of Haley going to the concert.  The last credits are the different households singing the song.  Check out Dylan’s video bellow!

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