Tonight we got to hear Hate on Me, Ride Wit Me, Keep Holding On, No Air, and Set Me Free Why Don’t You Babe.  The videos I could find are below for you to check out.  Tonight Will decided to man up.  After Sue split up the Glee club by pulling out the “minority” kids for an elite Glee Club called Sue’s kids, Will had finally had enough.  His wife advised him to play dirty so he failed out of the Cheerio’s out of spanish so they couldn’t cheer.  When Sue takes it to the principal he tells her she is wrong and Will is right which is a first for Sue.  However, she is still co-director.  This leads to a major confrontation in the auditorium and the whole Glee club leaves and tells them they don’t want to hear them fighting.  After the confrontation Sue decides to step down as co-director.

On the Quinn baby front, the school blogger tells Rachel he is going to post that Quinn is pregnant and that Rachel is heart broken because she loves Finn.  Rachel gives him a pair of her panties to keep the secret.  Despite her trying to help; her and Quinn have a confrontation where Rachel admits she only did it because she likes Finn.  We find out tonight that Quinn is having a girl.  This leads to another Will manning up moment when he demands that his wife let him come to the next ultrasound.  His wife and her sister black mail the gynecologist to pretend she is pregnant and that it is a girl instead of a boy so it will match Quinn’s baby.  I have to put aside my questions when they go to the gynecologist because Will allows himself to be completely blocked off from seeing anyting but his wife’s face and the ultrasound.  He gets teary eyed seeing his baby.  It just made me hate his wife more, but she did ask him to remember that he loves her no matter what, so hopefully that means she will tell him the truth soon.

Just before Sue leaves Glee she is meeting with the group and Will is going around telling everybody about how they are all special.  When they get to Quinn Sue says it is because she is pregnant.  Quinn freezes and Sue tells her it will be out on the blog soon enough.  Rachel confronts the blogger and he says that Sue asked him to post it.

So, it looks like Quinn is effectively destroyed.  Know we just need Puck to come out and admit he is the daddy so that Quinn and Rachel can be together.


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