jaxI say it every week and I will say it again, this was a great episode.  Sons of Anarchy has become an absolute must see for me and I have yet to be disappointed.  First good news, Chibbs is not dead!  That makes me happy.  He has some bleeding because he landed on his head, but everything is pointing to him coming out of it.  Of course Clay demands retaliation now.  Bobby attempts to be the voice of reason, but of course can’t argue with getting payback for Chibbs.  Even Jax knows it has to happen, but he is trying to beat Clay to it and let Hale bring in Zobell for questioning. 

Hale is feeding Jax tips on where Zobell may be.  When Clay and the crew ride off to Zobell’s house (Unser gave them the address) Jax goes to meet Hale.  Opie is sent to follow him and questions Jax about what he is doing.  Jax tells him he is just working on the same goal as Clay.  Opie offers to escort him back to the club and Jax loses him so that he can go to meet Hale.  He meets Hale at Weston’s (the guy that raped Gemma) house.  Jax goes in and gets shot at.  Of course the club is just outside and run to the house.  Hale tries to control them but fails.  Jax realizes its Weston’s kid shooting at him, but Clay and Tig go around the back of the house and shoot up the bedroom with the kids in it.  Jax seperates again from the club. 

Hale tracks Gemma down at the hospital and tells her that Unser told her what happened and he needs some clue so that he can catch Zobell.  Gemma tells him about Polly.  He tracks her down and she tells him there is going to a big recruiting meeting at the Christian Center.  Hale and Jax decide the sheriffs will go take down the meeting.  Unfortunately, Clay and the crew took Weston’s computer and figure out that the meeting is happening too.  Jax meets up with the crew at the Christian Center and tells them that it won’t just be a few people because its a recruiting meeting.  Clay doesn’t care and says they are going in.  Jax tells them that if they do this they will all go to jail and once again Clay doesn’t care.  They bust into the meeting, but it turns out it is not Aryan recruits but a families having dinner.  Weston shoots a gun behind the stand to make it look like SAMCRO came in shooting.  Jax sees a camera in the corner and knows they have been set up.  He stops Clay from shooting anyone and Bobby tells them to get out.  When they run outside the sherrif’s have arrived and take them all into custody, because of course they are the only people with guns.

Opie managed to not get arrested because he ran out to chase Zobell.  He rides down the street and wrecks his bike into the back of a car.  He gets up and goes back to the center in time to see the crew get arrested.  Opie is still struggling and the blowing up of Chibbs seems to set him off more.  His mom came to Jax and asked him to speak to Opie.  He tried but of course Opie says he doesn’t have a problem.  He also tells Jax that Clay is in charge and he needs to accept that before someone gets hurt.  So another veiled threat against Jax tonight.

After the van blew up that of course attracted police attention.  This made the Irish gun suppliers nervous and they came by the club to see what was going on.  SAMCRO assured them that the Feds would not be involved because it was going to look like it never happened.  However, when Juice goes to start cleaning the scene the investigators arrive and stop him.  He and Unser then try to destroy the evidence kit by pouring piss on it, but of course that fails too, so now SAMCRO is going to have to deal with the Feds again.

And because we need things to get more interesting, the Irish meet up with Zobell, which can only mean bad things for SAMCRO.

Great, great episode and now that everyone is going to be in jail, it will put them right in the hands of Zobell’s crew.  This should make for some great TV.  What did everyone else think?


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