This episode we start off with Violet still obsessing over Auggie by snooping in his apartment.  David finds her and questions her, but for some odd reason he still go for more of her lies.  Violet then finds a letter to Auggie from Sydney.  We are now at the local hospital were Lauren gets a phone call while at work from our favorite Madame, Wendy.  Lauren agrees to do a group party in order to make more cash.  Then we see Jonah and Ella on  set for a designer jean campaign. 

I wonder how long this working relationship with Ella will last?

Riley, with perfect timing brings Jonah more of his equipment to the shoot and the jean designer falls in love with her real look and wants her to b ethe face of his campaign.  Infuriated Ella tries to get him to change his mind and Riley even turns the offer down.  We later see that Jonah is having money trouble while following his dream and has his rent check bounce.  Riley agrees to model in order to help them out and tells Jonah to always be honest.

That is interesting because I don’t think Riley was honest about kissing Auggie, but I think we see more on that next week!

At the boat party Lauren makes a friend, sees David on the ship and bails!  This could be a mistake but thanks to Lauren’s honesty Wendy will not kill her, but now she is in debt to Wendy.  I wonder how long she will pay that off before getting money for school?  Wasn’t that the whole purpose of becoming a prostitute/ escort?  David of course gets in a fight and Lauren takes him to the hospital only to get a stern look from his father, Michael, to find out what happened.  If Lauren and David worked together I bet they could get what they both want.  What do you guys think?

 The sprinkles on the ice cream for this episode was when Violet had overheard Dr. Michael talking to his current wife about interviewing babysitters when he visited her at the bar.  Violet goes on the interview so when Michael came home there she was!  He takes her outside and she says she is not interested in the job. She gives her story about being Sydney’s daughter.  He was like well I know you don’t think I am your father so what do you want.  She shows him video of him and Sydney and she says she wants him to pay. Duh, Duh, Duhhhh

 Back to our favorite resident Crazy! Violet gets into Dr. Mancini’s office somehow and “convinces” him to help her with some fake heart problem she is having.  She invites him to her job to thank him with a free drink.


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