This was a very interesting episode with a “and the moral of this story is…” type ending.

We start out with a Billionaire, named Roy, who a has a sick son who has seen 13 or 18 doctors is not getting well.  He goes to see Cuddy to request House who is our favorite expert diagnosing doctor.  Favorite quote was when Roy said, ” Unless he s dead, comatose or insane I want House!”

I also noticed that our original team is back together, Foreman, Chase, House and Cameron.  This makes me so happy!  I knew they would reunite one day.  While they are trying to figure out what is wrong with Roy’s son, Chase and Foreman work together to cover up their mistake for an M&M.  Not the candy I belive it stands for Morbid and Mortality or something like that. Please correct this if you know.  Cuddy feels that a misdagnosis is worth discussing and tells Foreman if their was a mistake was made just to say so.  In the end Foreman man’s up and tells the truth during the M&M.

We see house “bump” into 13 at a coffee shop as she is making flight arrangements.  She goes on to tell house that she doesn’t want to come back to the team.  He says that he doesn’t want her to come back.  He is convinced that she is planning a flight to the Bahamas, but 13 is going to Thailand.  We later see Cuddy coming to house about 13’s flight being canceled and that she thinks Foreman did it.  House is shocked that Cuddy doesn’t blame him.  Then 13 goes to Wilson because she checked the IP addresses and one matched his computer.  Wilson says he did it because of House.  For a minute I thought 13 and Wilson had a thing going on and that he might be on her plane to Thailand.  That would be an interesting twist!  House confessed to Wilson that he did it because 13 is a “single smoking hot bisexual.”

Towards the end the team comes up with a grime diagnosis for Roy’s son, Degos, which is untreatable.  House tells Roy his son has maybe a day to live.  This pushes Roy to the extreme and he gives up everything.  He calls in his lawyers who plead with him not to do so.  Roy feels that you cannot have one of your life be great and not the other.  He has lost his wife and he will not lose his son, so he feels that giving up his wealth will make things better.  Without thinking of everyone else his choice will affect he signs the papers and his son begins to flatline.

In proper House form he thinks of another diagnosis for the boy, Antiphospholipid Syndrome, which is a treatable disease.  We see Roy and his son eating pizza once he has gained back some strength.

Moral of the story:  Well there is two.  First, when it came to the M&M, one lie only leads to another bigger lie and then you have to get everyone to go with your story so Honesty is the best policy!  Second, money can’t buy you love or money isn’t everything!

What did you guys think?


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