Oh, Sylar so nice to have you back!  Sylar comes out of Nathan’s grave and wanders down the road.  The police pick him up and he doesn’t have the slightest idea who he is.  They bring in a psychatrist to help him figure out who he is, during the memory exercises we get our first glimpse of the old Sylar.  He hears that her watch and the clock on the wall are not in synch.  She knows there is something odd about that but keeps going.  Before she can work with him more, the cops find his fingerprints in the system and know that he is Gabriel and that he is wanted for killing his mom.  The cops have the psychatrist leave and the lead cop goes in to force a confession out of Sylar.  He pushes the table out the way and that makes Sylar throw his hands up.  When he does this he throws the cop through the glass divider and shuts down the power in the station.  He gets outside and car jacks the psychatrist.  She drives him away and then convinces him to turn himself in.  When Sylar puts his hands up to surrender he sparks and the cops shoot him.  This knocks him and the psychatrist down the hill.  He lifts up his shirt and the psychatrist sees the body heal then tells him to run.  When he runs he just happens to run into Sam’s carnival which takes him in and then disappears before the cops find it.

Speaking of Sam and his carnival, he felt someone was coming to his carnival tonight.  He told his group that someone was coming to take his brothers place.  However, he doesn’t know who it is and can’t see it in the tattoos.  While Sam is waiting on someone to come to his carnival we see Claire and Gretchen hanging out.  Gretchen appears to have gone all single white female on Claire.  She is studying Claire’s life and goes to join the same sorority with Claire.  She talks to everyone about Claire and this makes Claire nervous.  They go to a mixer and someone (Claire thinks its Gretchen) throws a pointy flag down and almost hits Claire.  Claire confronts Gretchen and then Gretchen kisses her and says she has a crush and isn’t out to get Claire.  So Gretchen isn’t evil, just looking for a little lesbian love in college.  But, it turns out that the head of the sorority can go invisible and is a part of the carnival.  She pushed Claire’s roommate out the window,  loaded up all the stuff about Claire on Gretchen’s computer, and threw the flag down to try and hit Claire.  She is trying to isolate Claire so it will be easier for the Carnival to get Claire.  It was a nice twist on the part of the Heroes crew, I thought that Gretchen was definately evil.

Meanwhile, Peter is trying to make human connections.  He tries to start with his mom and Nathan.  His mom shows up but of course Nathan doesn’t because he is dead.  His mom is distracted worrying about Nathan and doesn’t want to bond with Peter.  He decides to go to work and on his way sees Emma (the lady who sees sound) in front of a bus,  he runs and saves her.  He tries to talk to her and has yet to figure out she is deaf.  He grabs her hand but she keeps going.  He tries to run but realizes he can’t.  He kicks a trash can and realizes he can see sound and he knows she has powers.  He tracks her down and tells her he can see the sound too and tries to explain abilities to her.  She runs away again, but Peter seems happy he has found someone that might get him.  He goes back home and all of a sudden Hiro pops into his living room and passes out.

I am very pleased with Heroes so far this season.  There are some great stories coming and the producers are doing a great job of keeping the number of stories to a minimum each week.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Having a glimpse of the old Sylar was nice, but how can they leave me hanging with Hiro. He can’t be dying. He is my favorite. Peter needs more action to and less moping I have the weight of the world on my shoulders. I still think Gretchen is creepy and I would like to see Claire and the sorrority/ carnival girl have an epic battle.

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