Tonight we broke away from Echo for a litle while and I was with the story until we switched back to Echo being a main character.  Victor was a lead for a while tonight.  He was imprinted with the mind of a serial killer in order to find the victims he was holding hostage.  Somehow (because apparently Dollhouse forgot to upgrade security) Victor/Serial Killer escapes and is out to find his new victim.  Ballard is trying to find him but of course his GPS was removed when he had his face surgery and Whisky never ordered it put back in.  Whiskey by the way has apparently ran away, I guess that is how we are explaining Amy Acker’s disappearance. 

Meanwhile, Echo has been given the personality of a whore….i’m sorry a frisky co-ed named Kiki.  Some professor paid to have her come to his class so he could live out his fantasy of seducing a student.  While she is being seduced, Topher attempts a remote wipe of Victor since they could not find him.  Of course the remote wipe goes wrong and instead of wiping everyone it made Victor and Echo change imprints.  So now Echo is a serial killer and Victor is Kiki.  This is the point that I lost interst because Eliza Dushku just cannot seem to carry this off.  She comes across as a frisky co-ed with a slightly warped mind.  She goes to the hostages and attacks them, then she goes back to being Echo and tells them to escape, then she goes back to serial killer and tries to kill them.  Then she finally tells them they have to kill her.  In this time Topher has tracked her with her GPS (how convienient that the serial killer went into an active with GPS) and save her and the hostages.

Then at the end, Echo is looking at the body of the serial killer that is in a coma at the Dollhouse and says something creepy in his voice. So I guess Echo will now be part serial killer.  Not a good thing, such a strong episode until the last 10 minutes.


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