So I had a really hard time focusing on the Vampire Diaries last night so I can’t really give a full recap but I can tell you basically what happened.  Elena knows….finally!  She starts getting supicious of Stefan when an old man says he remembers him from a different time and he looked the same then.  She gets the news man (that is trying to steal the pocket watch) to let her use the station computers.  She finds a video of Stefan at his house in the 50’s when someone was killed.  He is standing on the porch and she finally starts putting the attacks, Vicky saying she was bitten by a vampire, and the bite marks on Caroline and realizes he is probably a vampire.  She doesn’t say it out loud but is at his house to confront him by the end.

We had at least one death for sure tonight.  Uncle was killed!  Damon use his powers to get Caroline to come let him out.  Uncle tries to stop her but he is too late.  Damon kills him and Caroline escapes.  Damon now needs to get his strength back up so that means he needs to feed.  Sweet drug addicted Vicky is up again!  I am hoping she is dead, it certainly looked like he killed her but we have no confirmation of that yet.

Creepy news guy manages to steal the pocket watch.  So I guess we will see soon what all this means.  Caroline still has the stone she got when Damon was taken away.  Not sure what it does, but I’m guessing Damon or the creepy news guy need that stone.  And Bonnie starts a fire with her mind and burns up a car.  Stefan sees her do it and knows that she did it with her witch powers.  Then she goes to her grandma played by Jasmine Guy!  It was crazy to see her playing a grandma!

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