This was a very moving episode of the Office.  I know that is strange thing to say about the office but it truly was.  Jim and Pam get married!  It’s finally happened and it was worth the wait.  Everyone loads up to go to Niagra falls for the wedding.  Michael of course didn’t book a room, but Dwight lets him stay with him.  However, we all know Dwight is a stud, and of course brings a girl to the room, so Michael sleeps with the vending machines.  Pam’s Memaw doesn’t know she is pregnant and would not a approve.  Everyone is so worried Michael will let the secret out, but it ends up being Jim!  Michael tries to save it but ends up giving a very uncomfortable speech about how it does feel different with a condom.  Pam’s sister thinks Oscar and Kevin are dating.  Oscar is disgusted, but Kevin says he would be honored to be Oscars boyfriend.  Andy throws a party (in Jim and Pams honeymoon suite, that he rented the night before they were going to use it).  He dances too hard does a split and tears his scrotum. Pam has to drive him to the hospital and he sleeps in her room that night.  While getting ready Pam tears her veil and this pushes her over the edge.  She calls Jim and tells him how stressed he is.  They run away and end up getting married on a boat at Niagra falls.  When they get back an hour late, everyone is still waiting.  They start the ceremony and of course Michael has hijacked the wedding and everyone does the wedding dance down the aisle to Forever.  It was cute and made it a classic Office wedding.  Link to the wedding dance below.

Favorite Line of the Night:

I bought those tickets the minute I saw that video on you tube.  I knew I would need a back up plan.  That was plan C actually, Plan B was the church wedding, and Plan A was to marry her way sooner. — Jim on why he had boat tickets


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