Tonights case involved a body found in a pig roasting pit in a surburban neighborhood.  It doesn’t take long to figure out its a missing neighbor in the pit.  We find out that he is sleeping with everyone in the neighborhood (including a mother and daughter!).  He was killed by three different people, one stabbed him, one cut him with a saw, and one kicked him in the head.  All in all none of this would have killed him except his wife was giving him stuff that was thinning his blood so when he got beat up he bled to death.  And apparently he was beat up because he was ruining the asthetics of the neighborhood….not because he was sleeping with everyone.  Not the best mystery we had and definately nothing compared to our little bit of Booth and Bones progress.

Parker is in town (or baby Booth as Angela calls him).  Anglea has to watch him as Booth and Bones go out to investigate the murder.  Parker asks Angela why his dad doesn’t have a girlfriend to sex up.  And then wants to know why Angela can’t be his dad’s girlfrient.  Anglea tells Booth that he needs to talk to Parker about it, but of course Booth doesn’t think tha tis appropriate.  Sweets tells him that Parker just needs to see him interact with a woman in a healthy way.  Booth asks Bones to have dinner with him and Parker so that he can see normal interaction and that he can have fun with women.  Bones agrees and at dinner Parker asks Bones why she can’t date his dad and she says because they work together.  Parker says thats a dumb reason (Amen!).  Bones asks him why he wants his dad to have a girlfriend and he says so he can have a pool because his friends dad got married and they got a pool.  Bones tells him she has a pool at her apartment that he and Booth can use any time they want.  It was a cute moment and Booth told Bones she was awesome 🙂

In our intern front, Vaziri was filling in tonight.  He gets so frustrated to Cam that he yells at her and when he yells he doesn’t have his middle eastern accent.  It turns out he has been faking it because people don’t question his religion when he sounds like he immigrated here as opposed to his American accent where people want to know why he chose his religion.  It was cute, but I am really hoping that we settle on a permanent intern (Wendell please!).  I like the interns but it is hard to get to know a character that changes every week.


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