chibAnother strong solid episode of Sons of Anarchy tonight, if it keeps going at this pace I don’t know how they will top this season.  Tonight we learned how far Zobel can reach with his influence.  Otto (played by Kurt Sotter, one of the producers) gets jumped in prison and his eye poked out with a broom handle.  Clay still doesn’t understand the power Zobel has but Jax does.  Clay goes to the cigar shop to make sure Zobel pays the protection money that all of the businesses in charming pay.  Zobel goes to Hale and provides him with a DVD of SAMCRO blowing up the meth lab.  Hale refuses to use it, so they give Hale a DVD of him taking a bribe from Darby (it was really just a coupon but on video it looks like a bribe).  Jax goes to Hale to tell him about Otto and to convince him that he is making the wrong choice again (like he did when he backed Stahl and Donna got killed).  When Hale looks at the DVD he realizes that it gives a clear shot of Opie blowing up the building.

In the meantime, Tara is trying to help Gemma out with some of her health problems and pays for it.  While they are out picking up a prescription, Gemma sees the girl that knocked her out the night of her rape.  Gemma chases her and it turns out she is Polly Zobelle (the daughter of the leader of the white supremacist group).  She gets picked up and makes it safely to her daddy and lets him know that she put the van in place (she left it in the parking lot where Gemma saw her).  Tara comes up behind Gemma, taps her on the shoulder, and gets elbowed in the nose.  After Tara gets fixed up she tries to get Gemma to tell her who the girl was but Gemma refuses.  Tara refers her for therapy, but of course Gemma doesn’t go.

SAMCRO is splitting and it becomes very obvious when it is time to vote on immediate retaliation.  Clay sends Tig out to make sure Juice votes with them so that they will have majority.  Jax is doing the same but trying to convince them to wait.  When the vote comes Clay gets Juices vote, but in a suprise (to Clay) Bobby votes with Jax to wait.  Bobby tells Clay that someone needs to start making good decisions for the club and that by voting to wait that was what he did.  Clay doesn’t take it well and tells Gemma that Jax is more like his dad everyday and that he doesn’t think Jax loves him.  Gemma says he does but seems to know that something bad is coming between the two of them.

Unser witnesses a street brawl between SAMCRO and the white supermacists.  He brings them in and has a heart to heart with Hale.  He tells Hale that he picked him because he couldn’t be bought and then he tells him about Gemma’s rape.  That seems to push Hale over the edge.  He releases everyone but before Jax and Clay leaves he gives them the DVD, pictures of them meeting with Unser, and intel that a land deal his brother is trying to push is a scheme.  However, he does let them know that he can’t be bought by either side.

Then in the most heartbreaking part of the episode for me.  The van that Polly left is hauled in to the garage.  Chibb gets inside to move it, when he cranks it, it doesn’t start.  He turns the key again and hears the click, he knows its a bomb and tries to get away.  The van blows and he gets thrown in the air.  As the episode ended he is lying on the ground with blood around his head.  Chibb is one of my favorite characters, so I really hope that he is fine.

A few extra details from tonight revolved around the book that Jax’s dad wrote.  Jax realizes his copy is gone from the garage and Gemma says she threw a box away but it was just dirty clothes.  Then we see Gemma reading the book and seeming to be moved by it.  Later, while Tara is wondering how she is going to fit into Jax’s violent life, Jax shows her the book and lets her know he is going to try and fix the club and then she won’t have to worry anymore.

A great episode all around tonight, great acting and this story just gets more addicting.


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