I am still on the road so I didn’t see this episode in its entirety so feel free to correct me or add anything.  I hope to be in a better place to give a better quality summary next week!

Quick somebody call Heather Locklear!

Tonights episode was a whole lot of ” Well, who didn’t see that coming.

Violet-  She is still crazy and I wish someone in the apartment complex would find out about the real her.  I couldn’t believe that Auggie blamed a co-worker for taking $700 when it was Violet who obviously planted the money in her bag!  Did he not see that crazy smile on her face!

Jonah- Poor Jonah, being blamed for thievery.  We all know who did it! (David) to bad Jonah is to gullible to press his precious friend further.  If my job was on the line It would be on! I’m just saying.

Who is Ella’s mystery coworker that caused her such distress on her birthday?

Hooker- I mean Lauren, what can you say.  I think it is so odd how fast she was ready to sell her body for money.  I wonder how much Wendi keeps out of the profit she makes on her girls?  Hmm, Sunshine and I have always wanted to have a Ho town.  This could be profitable.


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