Last night was all about acceptance.  We saw Noah accept that he would always be a company man, Tracy accept that she is now a hero, and Hiro accept that he is going to die and righting all of his wrongs won’t stop that.

Hiro tried to save a man from jumping off a roof last night but found out that no matter how many times he tried to changed the past the guy kept making the same mistake.  Hiro finally just stopped trying to change the past and told him that he needed to accept what had happened and move on with his life.  Hiro decides to follow his own advice and tell his sister that he is dying.  He doesn’t get to tell her about his abilities before he is blinked out of the room.  So now she knows that he has some kind of power.  Also, Ando and Hiro’s sister are getting married.

Nathan goes to Peter because he is getting new powers everyday and he is remembering a life that isn’t his.  Peter doesn’t know what to do, so Nathan goes to his mom.  She brings him a box of his childhood toys and when he touches them he can get the memories from them.  He touches a hat and sees a girl dead in a pool.  He knows who it is but doesn’t remember what happened.  We find out that she hit her head in the pool one night while she was drinking with Nathan.  His mom covered up her death and made it look like she ran away from home.  When Nathan finds out he goes and tells the girls mom that she is dead.  The girls mom puts a hit out on Nathan and we see him shot and buried.  Then at the end Sylar comes out of the grave!  I really hope this doesn’t mean Nathan is gone forever, but I don’t see how they are going to bring him back.

Tracy realizes she is a hero whether she wants to be or not and is learning to control her water powers.  Noah realizes he is going to have to go back to his old job no matter what, because it is what he is good at.  Then in the last five minutes we get to see Sam.  He’s looking at tatoos again and sees Noah.  He says he thought Nathan was retired and had stopped hunting them, which implies Noah is familiar with the carnival.

A good episode.  There needs to be more Sam and Hiro because right now they are the most interesting part of this story.


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