It was Founders Weekend at ZBZ.  This means that all of the former sisters are back in town to check up on ZBZ and give them money.  Ashley and Rebecca decide to have a competition.  If Rebecca raises the most money she gets forgiven but is Ashley wins then Rebecca is the sober sister for the rest of the year.  Rebecca ends up winning but Ashely still won’t forgive her.  In the end Ashley decides to forgive her and move on. 

Casey is trying to win over the richest former ZBZ to get a big donation.  The sister brings her “helper” a guy who Casey ends up liking.  She goes no a date with him and he agrees to get her the big donation if he can have 20%.  Casey refuses so he tells Doris that Casey hit on him.  Doris confronts Casey and demands a Kitty passing ceremony.  The guy ends up admiting that he tried to get money from Casey, so ZBZ gets their money.

Olivia Munn was back this week going on a date with Cappie.  Cappie met Caseys new boy and tells Evan he doesn’t trust the guy but knows if he says that to Casey she will just think he is jealous.  Evan meets him and tells Casey hes not a good guy (he nicknames him Douceh Bigalow).  Casey thinks he is jealous too.  After the guy admits what he did he tells Casey that he admitted it because Cappie and Evan came to his hotel the night before and told him to leave her alone.  When Casey asks Cappie about it he denies it.

On the Rusty/Jordan front, Jordan decides to leave school to pursue her dream of photography.  Rusty is heart broken but I think its for the best because Rusty has gotten really annoying since he has been with Jordan.

A cute episode and maybe Casey will finally pick Cappie or Evan before the show ends!


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  1. julie says:

    Love Cappie, Evan and Casey. The three characters are awesome together.

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