Dollhouse this week was not as good as last week.  This week Echo was given the mindset of a new mother and Topher even made her lactate.  A little weird and it was one of those assignments that stretched reality even for this show.  Unless this was going to be long term why would someone want a doll to serve as the mother to their child?  I guess if you can put aside your questions it would be fine, but I struggled putting mine aside. 

It was a nice commentary on what happens when you take peoples basic instincts and try to control them.  We saw that even when wiped Echo still had her motherly instict and tried to go and take back the baby.

We also got to see Melanie this week.  She was the doll who seduced Ballard last season.  She seems happy and doesn’t remember Ballard she was brought in for a diagnostic and saw Echo getting wiped.  This didn’t seem to phase her and as she told Ballard when he asked if she was happy…she isn’t unhappy.  I hope they keep her coming around because I really like this actress. 

No Whiskey this week, but that is because Amy Acker is in a new show so her run will be very limited this season which is a little heart breaking because her story was getting good. 

Not a bad episode but not a great episdoe either, but better than last season.


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