We open the show tonight with Elena seeing on television that she has been killed.  Then when she looks up she sees Damon she tries to run but Damon bites her.  Stefan wakes up and we see that Damon has been feeding the dream into his mind.  Damon is in complete control because feeding on humans gives him more strength and power than Stefan.

Stefan visits Elena at her home and they are making out until Stefan almost turns into a vampire.  After he gets up, Elena asks him if he will go the Founders Party with her.  Stefan agrees (and he looks hot in a suit, I swear I don’t think there is anything this boy can’t wear well) and of course Damon is going to attend with  Caroline.  She knows he is a vampire and knows he is going to kill her but she keeps going along with him.

After Damon chokes his uncle (still weird) his uncle tells Stefan they have to stop him.  Stefan says he can’t and his uncle shows him a plant that can stop Damon (its the same plant that is in Elena’s necklace).  Stefan thought it didn’t grow there anymore because Damon had destroyed it all, but uncle has been growing it in the house.  Stefan tries to spike Damon’s drink before the party but fails.  He knew it would fail but decides to go again at the party because Damon won’t expect it.

Damon sets about splitting up Stefan and Elena at the party.  He has Caroline take Stefan to dance and tells Elena that Stefan is holding out on her about Catherine.  Elena of course confronts him and it ends badly even with Stefan telling her Damon is controlling her.  Elena is in the bathroom with Catherine after this and sees bite marks on her body.  Caroline admits it was Damon but just says he didn’t mean to hurt her.  Elena goes to Stefan and tells him to stop Damon he says he is working on it, but he can’t explain to her what is going on.

Damon goes in for the kill on Caroline but when he bites her he gets poisoned because Stefan spiked Caroline’s drink with the plant.  He takes Damon home and locks him away, which i’m sure will not last long.

In the back story, the local police claim they captured the creature responsible for all the attacks, making Damon think he is clear.  The Founders group wants some items from Elena’s family and are really obsessed with a pocket watch that Elena’s brother has.  At the end we find out that they know its vampires and they will need the watch to stop them.  Also, Damon takes jewel from a box at the Founders Party and Caroline ends up with it when Damon passes out.  Not sure what it is for, but it will make an interesting twist.

Finally, in the way background of this show Bonnie’s witch powers are getting stronger and she can know control things with her mind, like lighting candles.


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