The Office: Michael and Jim are learning that being co-managers is not easy.  Wallace lets them know there is not enough money for cost of living raises so they have to work together to decide how the money will be distributed.  Jim decides that the sales people will be the only ones to get raises.  Michael lets him announce it and it does not go well.  So they decide to raises based on merit by placing boston baked beans on peoples faces.  Everyone sees this and gets upset again.  Michael and Jim hide out in their offices.  Michael comes to Jim’s office and in a touching moment gives Jim a “Worlds Best Boss” mug and tells him how hard this was for him when he was doing it alone. 

Favorite Lines:

I need to fit into my wedding dress, but i’m also pregnant — Pam debating eating a donut

Con: you unzip your pants and find there is calcultor down there —-Michael telling Jim he’s a nerd for doing Pro/Con lists

Name a country that doesn’t have two presidents, or a ship that sets sail without two captains —Oscar on the brilliance of having two leaders

Jim, James, Jimothy….do you mind being called Jim —Michael talking to Jim about being managers


Community: This was an Abed strong episode and I don’t think I would have it any other way.  Britta pays for him to take a film class, against his fathers wishes.  When his dad finds out he disowns him so Abed adopts Jeff and Britta as his mom and dad and makes a movie with them in it.  He shows the movie (Six Candles) to his dad, Britta, and Jeff.  Its actually a touching movie about his mom leaving because he is weird.  Then he delivers his best line of the night when Britta tells him that friends don’t treat each other they way he treated her.  He tells her “Its not called friend business, its called show business” then pops a cigarette in his mouth, classic!

Meanwhile, Jeff takes a class he thinks will be a walk.  The only goal of the class is to seize the day.  The teacher tells him he has one week to seize the day or he will fail.  He attempts many things to seize the day, but in the end its a kiss from Britta that gets him an A.  The teacher sees it, tells him he knows a life changing kiss when he sees it, and Jeff agrees that it was a life changing kiss.

Favorite Lines:

I’m making a documentary, its like a movie, but with ugly people —-Abed

Why are you dressed like an 80’s rapist —- Britta to Jeff


Reminder: Next week Community is moving to 8:00

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