Last nights mystery was a body scattered across a railroad track.  Of course Bones wanted all the bones back and she elected Clark (the intern) to gather them.  Clark is by far the most annoying intern for me.  He complained the whole time that he was being treated like a slave and of course Bones didn’t understand so it didn’t matter anyway.  Okay, with that rant over, we discover the body is a boy who is Amish and was on his Rumspringa and was killed before his body was scattered by the train.  Of course the focus falls on the roommates, but on a nice twist it turned out to be a completely random crime by a petty thief.  The boy was fighting for his money and belongings and accidentally fell over the balcony.  It was the first time I could think of that the crime was committed by someone we didn’t see Booth and Bones interview.

In the side stories, Cam was dealing with being a mom to Michelle.  She was worried Michelle and her boyfriend Perry were having sex and didn’t know how to approach it.  Everyone, of course, gave her advice and she, of course, figured out how to handle it in the end.  The most humourous part of this side story was when Bones gave his favorite uncle speech and told Perry he was a sniper and would find him if he was less than a gentleman with Michelle.

No cute Booth and Bones moments this week, so no moves toward them getting together.  I’ve still got my fingers crossed.


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