Modern-Fam-2-768x1024Modern Family was back for its second episode last night and nothing was lost from the pilot.  Another funny episode with great jokes.  Tonight focused on what it is to be a father so the wives were pushed to the back, but it worked.  Cameron had some of the most priceless moments of the night.  My favorite being when he was at the baby class and the lady told him that Meryl Streep was not a good choice for Mama Mia.  His face was priceless and led to my favorite line of the night: If Meryl Streep was playing batman she would be the right choice.

Phil had a great parenting moment when he tried to teach his son responsibility for his bike and accidentally stole another kids.  It was a classic sitcom moment, but played out brilliantly in this show so it didn’t seem old.

Ed O’ Neil had another great, heart warming wrap up on tonights episode.  A nice turn from his role in Married with Children.


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