Last night we got to hear, Maybe This Time, Somebody to Love, Alone, and we even got some country music with Last Name.

Another entertaining episode of Glee last night.  The fabulous Kristen Chenoweth guest starred.  Probably one of my favorite broadway singers she played a former Glee member who was only 3 credits short of graduating high school.  Will brought her back to finish high school and save Glee club since Rachel left.  Unfortunately for glee club she is a raging alcoholic and luckily for Puck a cougar.  She is a bad influence on everyone but can really sing.  Will is forced to choose between using her or not using her and knowing that his club will lose.  He lets her sing for a little while but decides to kick her out in the end.

There were some funny moments when she convinced Kurt to drink wine every morning so he would have the courage to be himself.  That of course ended in a trip to the emergency room.  Then she worked on teaching Mercedes and Tina to carry out stolen items between their legs.  Favorite line: I even stole a birthday cake….with the candles still lit!

Meanwhile, Finn is w0rking his charm on Rachel trying to get her to come back to Glee.  Rachel is still in the musical but having troubles with the director Sandy who feels he should have the lead.  Finn is trying to get her to quit the musical for Glee because the counselor let him know that if Glee does well he could get a scholarship.  Finn takes Rachel on a bowling date and kisses her so of course she agrees to come back.  But when she gets there the secret has just been let out by Puck that Quinn is pregnant and Finn is the baby daddy.  Rachel quits again, but comes back in time to save the group at the end.



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