This episode was great.  I have high hopes for this season.  House returns from the hospital to tell Cuddy and Wilson that he is leaving the hospital.  They argue that he got his medical license back.  House responded, that he could do research because there was less pressure and patients.  With this announcement Foreman asks for House’s position. 

The Case:  This episode a video game designer is in a test run of a virtual game and starts to feel is if his hands are on fire.  He specifically asks for House, because he is an expert on diagnosis.  Instead he gets Foreman, which the patient is okay with because Foreman reminds him of himself.  The patients symptoms get worse with every test they run to diagnosis him.

While Forman and the team are trying to figure out what is wrong, House has picked up a cooking class with Wilson.  This was to help him manage the pain in his leg to keep him busy.  House is very good at cooking because he treats food like he treats his patients and in the end you have an excellent dish.  His psychiatrist tries to keep him motivated to try and find new things.  House is worried he will never find anything that he doesn’t get instantly bored with.  His doctor tells him that they will cross this road when they get there.  I like how the episode is broken up with house talking to his psychiatrist.  This can add more to the show if it is not overused. 

Back to the patient:  Taug and Thirteen go back to the patients office because Foreman thinks it may be cocaine even though the patient says he hasnt used in years since his roommates overdose.  Thirteen and Taug struggle with Foreman being their new boss.  Thirteen struggled with being in a relationship with Foreman and Taug came to work for House not anyone else.  While 13 and Taug are playing the virtual game Thirteen thinks that maybe the patient researched birds for the game and has sillicosis.   We soon find out that this is not the case when we see the patient again.  The patient then posts his case on the internet to get a faster diagnosis and offers a $25,000 reward.  This slows up the teams progress because they then receive tons of phone calls and e-mails for what the group thinks.  Taug gives up his position because he has applied to surgical program.  This hurts Foreman because he kept the unit open to keep their jobs.  Taug tells Foreman he is doing a good job.  As a side note Thirteen and Foreman have an argument and Thirteen goes to House for help.  He tells her to “give in to be happy.”  This shocks Thirteen but she takes his advise.  Cuddy and Wilson think that House is back on medication and go to extreme measures to find out.  The patient then starts to hallucinate do to a high fever.  This turns out to look very cool, because he is running around the hospital thinking that the hospital staff are the monsters from the game and we can see this from his perspective.  In the end Foreman figures out his diagnosis and when he goes to tell Thirteen to start treatment she already has.  Foreman asked her how she figured it out and she said she went back to the e-mails that people were sending in.

Favorite quote:  Wilson- “You’re an amazing cook.”   House- “I know, my leg hurts.”

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